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Living as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, as well as the rarest Myers Briggs personality type (INFJ), has been a different type of interesting. I feel deeply for others, maybe too deeply sometimes. I have done a life’s worth of work on myself and my own mental health, and sadly, I’ve come to realize that being mentally healthy is a luxury. I do not believe that it should be such though. Being mentally healthy and feeling at peace with oneself is an essential to life.

Unfortunately, mental and behavioral health falls under the health care umbrella, which means that most of America’s population cannot afford all of what they really need to be healthy. Here you will find insights and tips on optimizing your mental health, fresh from the source! I believe that every person deserves to find/choose happiness. It is an innate, basic human right. You will also find my journal entries, all of which I’ve done on my own. I get vulnerable and raw in discussing very real topics about life and perspectives on life.

This is yours, free for the taking! If I can help just one person feel more at peace in their own mind by sharing my own experiences, I’ll be happy.  It is my hope that you will take my insights and apply them to your own life and to your loved ones, because I have found that if I can understand the experience and perceptions of others, I can help them help themselves.

I had never really considered myself to be any creative type, especially when it comes to writing. When people suggested that I start a journal, I looked at them like they didn’t know anything about my ADHD. I could barely doodle a drawing on a notes page, much less formulate sentences on what is going on in my head.. pfft. My attitude changed when I realized that 2+2=4, and that I could use prompts, questions and quotes as a channel to get my brain juices flowing. I absolutely love to decipher quotes, and somewhat kicked myself when I figured this out. Between this and the recommended therapy, plus some life events that triggered my depression, I started on an uphill spiral that would lead me to today. jess photo 16

Throughout my own healing and growing journey, I have come to learn many things that I think everyone needs to know about life, freedom from mental illness, and especially addiction.

From my every day experiences working with recovering addicts, to my own insights and realizations about myself, I found out how simple, but challenging it is to start on this journey of becoming one’s true self. ♥♥

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