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Having over 5 years of experience working in substance abuse treatment centers in South Florida as both a clinician and as an utilization review specialist, Jessica is very well versed in how to properly document clinical information that remains compliant with State and Joint Commission regulations to maximize reimbursement from all major insurance companies.


♦Offered to substance abuse treatment centers nation-wide, new and established

Full Package (Best Deal!)

This consulting package is the recommended and best deal! All clinical staff and UR specialist will be trained, you will be provided chart audits, be readily available by phone, and attend staff meetings to ensure maximum results.

  • 3 month time frame

Basic Package

This consulting package includes on site or off site training for up to 15 clinical staff members on how to document for utilization review purposes.

  • 2 day training- 3 hours per day (i.e. 9am to 12pm or something similar)

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